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Overwhelmed with grief?


  • Struggling to come to terms with a loss or life change?

  • Using all your energy to get through the day?

  • Worried about sharing your grief with friends and family?

  • Distract yourself any way possible to try and avoid the pain?

Maybe it's time too:


  • Talk to someone impartial

  • Have space to express how you are truly feeling

  • Step away from any judgements or expectations

  • Invest in the ultimate self care, for you.

Hi, I'm Jane. welcome to my website.


 I work with adults who are living with loss, helping them to understand their grief and start to move away from pain.

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Life comes with many changes and losses, some planned and some completely out of our control.


You may have lost a loved one. Maybe you have left home, a relationship has ended, a redundancy or a loss of health...


Grief naturally follows a loss of any kind and can come with the most difficult range of emotions and feelings that you can face. You may feel lonely, depressed, struggling to make sense of what has happened...


If you want to invest in your wellbeing but unsure on whether counselling is right for you, find out more about counselling here...

I have several years experience working with clients who have experienced loss, don't hesitate to get in touch. You don't need to struggle alone...

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Ultimate self-care

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